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December 21

Assisted Residents Share Holiday Memories

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I wanted to share with you some favorite holiday memories from residents of the assisted living communities Gardant operates.

December 1

A Winter of Shivers and Older Adults

Prepare for a Winter of Shivers, predicts the 2022 Old Farmers’ Almanac. Bone-chilling temperatures are expected across much of the United States. With the meteorological start of winter occurring on Dec. 1, please remember that cold weather can cause hypothermia and older adults are especially vulnerable.

November 26

Four Reasons Why the Holidays Can Be a Perfect Time to Consider Assisted Living

Perfect Time to Consider Assisted Living

January 25

Gardant CEO to Discuss Affordable Senior Living

CEO to Discuss Affordable Senior Living

December 10

Speaking Out About Affordable Assisted Living

Rick Banas, of Gardant Management Solutions, will discuss the Illinois Supportive Living Program during an upcoming forum on aging and disability issues.

October 18

Assisted Living and Senior Living News – September/October 2015

News and information about Baby Boomers and ageism, whales and human longevity, petty crimes and dementia, shining stars, aging parents and more.