Innovative & Enriched Services To Drive Results

Leverage the experience and expertise from our proven operating history focused on the needs of your business. We offer a full suite of services engaged for you.

There is a growing need for senior living, assisted living and memory care communities that serve potential residents of all incomes. Currently, as many as 60% of those at an age most likely to need assisted living or memory care lack the financial resources to be able to afford the monthly fee charged by most of the communities that are currently in operation or under development. And Baby Boomers will have significantly less financial resources available to them in their retirement years than their parents making the situation even worst.

The takeaway for those of us in the business is that the business is becoming evermore complex and challenging. A fresh perspective is critical. That’s where we can help.

We know how to reduce operating expenses. How to enhance margins and the bottom line. How to broaden audience appeal to fill communities faster. How to run effectively, efficiently, profitably.

We know how to do all this because we’re committed to the service-enriched housing business. It’s in our DNA. We’re committed to leading the industry forward and bringing what we do to others in the business.

How you use our services is based on your business and your needs. From full-service management to project development to consulting services, we can focus what we do to drive what you do.


  • Management

  • Development

  • Consulting

We work with owners of existing communities to bring operational capability and capacity. We’ll work to reduce expenses so you can lower fees to broaden your appeal and operate at capacity and, ultimately, grow your bottom line.

As your Full Service Management agent, we manage all aspects of your operation including:

  • Implement Pre-Opening Marketing and Management
  • Hire, Train and Manage Staff
  • Develop and Administer Policies and Procedures Protocols
  • Provide Management, Marketing and Accounting Services
  • Ensure Licensing and Regulatory Compliance
  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Ensure LIHTC/HUD Compliance

As of 2023, we manage approx. $700 million of tax credits for LIHTC over 50 communities.

We act as an Owner’s Representative and bring our extensive experience to lead the entire development process for you including:

  • Conduct Market Analyses
  • Develop Site Selection/Evaluation Models
  • Secure Financing
  • Consult on Architectural Design
  • Manage Zoning Issues
  • Secure Regulatory Approval
  • Consult on Construction/Site Build-Out
  • Review Construction Payouts
  • Develop and Implement Pre-Marketing & Sales Initiatives
  • Design On-going Management and Operating Systems

We focus our team on specific, objective-based business needs through strategic and operational consulting services deployed across the spectrum of your business, including:


  • Advise on Operational Systems and Procedures


  • Advise on Administrative and Organizational Structure


  • Construction Scheduling
  • Design Residency Agreement
  • Secure Regulatory Approvals/Licensing
  • Advise on Architectural Design
  • Budget and Project Cost Estimating


  • Advise on Financing Structure
  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Model Project Financials and Forecasting
  • Budget and Procure Furniture, Fixture and Equipment
  • Manage Development Period Accounting

Marketing & Sales

  • Strategic Assessment of Existing Market Research
  • Conduct Market Analyses and Qualitative and Quantitative Consumer Research
  • Drive Product and Service Concept, Development and Pricing Models
  • Design and Execute Marketing & Sales Plans or specific initiatives


  • HOME
  • HUD
  • Fair Housing
  • Illinois – IHDA/City of Chicago/ Cook County
  • Indiana – IHCDA/Indianapolis Housing Authority