AALC 2023 Photo Contest and Testimonial Winners

Check out this year's winners as they showcase all the things Supportive Living communities do to ensure our seniors and individuals with disabilities have the support they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

AALC 2023 Photo Contest and Testimonial Winners

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Photo Contest
2nd Place – Heritage Woods of Plainfield
3rd Place – Lacey Creek

Honorable Mentions
John Evans
Heritage Woods of Plainfield
Heritage Woods of Rockford
Heritage Woods of McHenry

2nd Place – Heritage Woods of Flora – Shirley Pierson

“Since I have moved here, I have been able to thrive and get better. I’m healthier and more active since being here compared to the day I moved in. I would recommend anyone to move in before it’s too late. I have made lots of friends that I enjoy being able to do activities with and that care about me.”

3rd Place- Heritage Woods of Dekalb – Brenda

“Coming to Heritage Woods of DeKalb has been a real blessing in my life. I came to Heritage Woods from an independent living community. There was no encouragement for socializing or opportunity to know others. At Heritage Woods of DeKalb the opposite is true! Socializing is at a premium! Meals are together! Social activities, wonderful people! Fantastic, warm, and friendly staffed personnel!  I table hop at meals so I can meet more people, hopefully at a deeper level, that way I have a better idea who might become my best friends!”

Honorable Mentions
Cindy Seeman – Heritage Woods of Watseka

“After suffering a stroke, I knew it was time to find a safe place to live. I knew did not want to be far from where I was already at. Heritage Woods already had a place in my heart as it was the community my mom came to, and we loved it then. It only made sense that I too came to a place that I knew I could live on my own but still have that safe feeling of help if I need it.”

Roxy Fess and Connie Dodd – Grand Prairie of Macomb

“Grand Prairie is my home now
I am pleased to pass the word
The food is great, the staff all nice
And good is all I’ve heard.

The people here are friendly,
Encouraging and kind.
There’s always someone ready
To help us all unwind

The kids all know I’m safe here
And will come to visit soon.
No more work to go to!
I can stay in bed ‘til Noon!

My feet are so, so active.
Since my room seems miles away
And I feel Supportive Living
Will keep old age at bay.”

“I like where I live. I lived alone for over 8 years. I didn’t realize how much I needed company until I decided to move to Grand Prairie. I enjoy coffee chat, card games, crafts, and movies with friends. At home I walked my dogs twice a day. Here, I use the NU Step in therapy every day. It seems I am doing over 3000 steps every day. I thank God every day for making the choice to move here.” 

Shirley Fitz – Heritage Woods of Freeport

“There were a few reasons for me to move into Heritage Woods. My eyes are giving me problems but my new friends here help me see what I can’t. I can Wii bowl and craft again with their help, which makes my family happy to see me fitting right in. Fixing meals was a bother but no longer is-I can fix some breakfast in my own apartment. I was fearful of meeting new people but everyone made it so easy at Heritage Woods. CNA’s are super and take the time to visit or help when you need them.”

2023 Best of Our Abilities Winner
Nancy Dow , resident at Heritage Woods of McHenry

AALC 2023 Centenarian
Yarmilla Zaruba, resident at Cambridge House of Swansea


Congratulations to all!

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