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Message From Gardant Co-Presidents – May 2023





From the Desks of the Co-Presidents Julie Simpkins & Greg Echols,

Twenty-four years ago, Rod Burkett co-founded Gardant Management Solutions with a former business colleague, Blair Minton. Their goal was to increase accessibility and affordability in the assisted living sector, and they had a simple, straightforward business plan. Rod Burkett transitioned from CEO to Board Chairman, turning over the reins of day-to-day management to successors within the leadership team. 

The succession strategy is an emerging shared leadership scenario in which Gardant’s current Chief Operating Officer, Julie Simpkins, and current Chief Financial Officer, Greg Echols, are collaborating to shift-up into a shared Co-Presidency role. “I envision that this action will provide our company and our hundreds of employees with continuity and forward momentum, along with a new energy they will bring to this movement,” states Rod.

Julie Simpkins expands her role as Co-President & Chief Operating Officer. Julie oversees all business development, engagement, and professional leadership development. A lifelong learner, she continually seeks out trends and insights. A true achiever, she works with purpose to help clients achieve their goals and thrives when helping others become more productive.

Greg Echols joins Julie Simpkins as Co-President & Chief Financial Officer at Gardant. Greg brings more than 30 years of experience in accounting, financial management, real estate development, and the senior housing and care sector. Strategic and analytical, Greg provides a fresh set of eyes to enhance financial and accounting processes for the company and will lead our efforts to continue positioning Gardant for financial stability and success.

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