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Touching Lives

Designed with your comfort and ease of lifestyle in mind

At St. Anthony, your affordable assisted lifestyle community in Lansing, Illinois, your new home awaits you

Thank you Nedra!

I have a family member at Saint Anthony of Lansing, since 2022, and needed to once again express my appreciation for all the help, assistance and encouragement given to our family from Nedra that have been over and beyond what could ever be expected!  Everyone serves in their professional duties to the best of their abilities, and this is well expected.  But when it goes beyond, it is a divine gift and inner strength that
prevails in and through that person – as it is with Nedra Bridgeforth!

We all get tired, and weary, at times, and it shows up in many different ways… What I have personally experienced with Nedra, I know is genuine love for the Community, and a tireless desire to meet everyone’s legitimate, and personal needs. Some, like my family member there at Saint Anthony’s, can’t explain nor express their needs.  However, Nedra Bridgeforth knows, and can sense the need, and follows it up to the pleasing, and satisfaction that brings peace of mind to our family, and to the Saint Anthony’s Community!

From Caring for Others, to Being Cared For

Her life before coming to St. Anthony of Lansing, was a Registered Nurse, her name is Patricia Janich, she went and got her nursing degree in her early forties, while raising three young kids, her history as a nurse was working at Hammond Clinic in urgent care, also at Ingalls Hospital on the code blue time, Patricia daughters says she had to retire at 65 to take care of her husband who was put on hospice and also her aging  mom. Her daughters state she cared deeply about others always have, always was ready to spring into action they remember somebody fainted at the church and Patricia didn’t hesitate to help, whenever someone needed medical attention no matter where she was at, she helped!!!Her daughters say she always had  a strong faith in God which helped her in the hard times, they say there mom is a fighter in all the good ways!!!Memories they have about there mom is while being out people will walk up to them and tell them how awesome there mom was when they was in the hospital or caring for there loved one, just saying how nice and polite she always was.


From caring for others to being cared for, Patricia has been here at St. Anthony of Lansing for nearly 4 years March 15, 2022. Because of her background of nursing, she understands the importance of patient care and is appreciative of the staff and the level of quality care that St. Anthony of Lansing provides. Patricia has an enthusiastic attitude when it comes to activities, her favorite is the holiday parties we have!!!Patricia is always thankful for being here, she says daily “she loves it here” and it reminds her of a Hallmark movie! She enjoys our restaurant like experience and the attentiveness of the nurses and the CNA staff!

 She is a fighter no matter what issues she has medical she still tries her best at whatever she is doing, she loves her apartment and everyone here at St. Anthony of Lansing, and we love her just as much, we love having her here, you can be having a rough day and Patricia will give you a smile no matter what, because she is thankful, and appreciative of the place she now calls home!!


Beverly and Barbara’s Story: Thank You for Being a Friend

Thank you for being a friend, Beverly and Barbara met here at St. Anthony of Lansing. Beverly has been a resident here since 2016 and Barbara has been a resident here since 2019. It just so happens that they live in the same hallway. Beverly is very out going she likes to be involved in all the activities. She comes to resident council, likes to be involved with the community, helps with different projects if she is needed, very involved with computers, and she loves staying active. Her family is involved too. She has a daughter that teaches 3rd , so if she need help with bagging candy or doing anything for the kids Beverly helps and she loves to help. Barbara is quiet, very well dressed because she still likes to keep here appearance up. She likes to stay to herself, doesn’t like a lot of activities, but she will donate to help with any activity if she has the supplies. She loves the staff, so she always speaks to them. Barbara is involved as well and they always make sure she gets what she needs whether it’s makeup or a new outfit, so she stays very cute for the day.

The two met because Beverly is a greeter, and she always speaks when she sees someone new. From the time Barbara moved they has been very close friends. They visit each other apartments daily because they live on the same hall. Beverly has helped Barbara get out to a few activities which is a good thing. They come together to the activities and help each other. Their families even know each other. When we have celebrations or parties both families sit together because their loved ones have become close friends.

Beverly has gotten Barbara out to do exercise even if it’s just walking the halls together. Beverly has been a good motivator to Barbara to come out and enjoy some of the activities we have. Everybody needs a friend, and these two ladies has become good friends who help each other out in any way possible. They speak of each other very highly, friends come no matter how old you are or no matter where you live!

Val’s Story: Chicago is home

Queenola W., lovingly known as Val, became active in Chicago’s African American cultural activities early on. She continued to make her name as an actress, television host and cultural consultant, she later produced and directed many plays such as, “The Amen Corner” by James Baldwin. Val also performed a one woman show in the U.S and abroad. Val became a resident of St. Anthony in 2019. She was very impressed with the community on her tour and was happy to be calling St. Anthony her future home. Val is a bright light on our community and is willing to share all her wonderful stories with anyone that she can. She has formed a great and loving friendship with our DON Vonda. Val is happy to call St. Anthony her home!

Oneila’s Story: A New Environment Becomes Home

Oneila M. is a 99-year-old lady. She is very well spoken, still likes to be very involved and can do a whole lot by herself. Oneila moved from an independent living facility, a place where she stayed at for 5 years was where she considered home.

Oneila and her family were looking for more support with her ADLs. Upon touring multiple communities, she chose St. Anthony of Lansing because it was a more home-like environment.

She has enjoyed her apartment and the activities provided by the activity department. She is very involved with resident council and is very outspoken, always speaking her mind.

Since COVID-19, Oneila is still very involved with the activities offered during the pandemic.

Sandra’s Story: Feeling at Home at St. Anthony

Let’s talk about living somewhere for years and having to start all over with basically nothing. I want to introduce you to Sandra, a friendly 77-year-old lady who, at the time, was staying in an independent living building in Indiana. 

Sandra is used to being on her own, handling her own business, taking care of herself. But as she got older, she was interested in a place that was safer and provided more help with things she was no longer able to do.

The search was not easy, but with the help of some associates she knows, they recommended St. Anthony of Lansing. 

Upon moving in, she met our Move-In Coordinator Angela Sykes, who she instantly connected with and trusted. She has said it is hard to trust people since she has no family living nearby. She has a sister, but she stays in another state.

Angela helps Sandra feel at home by checking in on her, helping her with her mail. When she first moved in, Angela even ate lunch with her a few times and introduced her to some residents she could sit with and play bingo with. Angela made sure she was comfortable here at St. Anthony of Lansing.

Sandra loves that she can still be independent and have her privacy here. She says she feels safe here.

Sandra states “I’m glad to have a place to call home”. Even though she had to start over at St. Anthony, she is glad she chose St. Anthony of Lansing.

Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there. Sandra feels that way meeting Angela Sykes and finding her home with us.