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Gardant CEO Message – January 2023

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From the Desk of the CEO 

Rod Burkett 


Have you ceased wishing people a “Happy New Year” as you see them for the first time in 2023? I saw a recent national survey that stated that 22% stop with such a greeting as soon as Jan 1 is over, but 63% continue with such well wishes for the whole first week of the new year. 

If you are like me, speaking such a phrase to a family member, co-worker or neighbor has become a polite tradition at the beginning of each new year, while I’m not truly focusing on the real meaning of the words. I believe when we say it to each other, the intent is to say that we hope the new year brings them good health, joy and happiness…..such a thoughtful gesture! 

However, in today’s fast paced world, with our multitude of internal and external stressors, what if the receiver of such well wishes hears it as one more demand of their complicated lives…”with all I have on my plate, you need me to show you that I’m in a state of happiness too”? 

If this resonates with you, let me share with you JoAnna Brandi’s 3 hidden truths about happiness…she is a nationally known speaker/executive coach on the power of happiness: 

1. It’s not elusive…happiness is all around us and can be had at any time…it usually takes a mere shift in in our mind’s perspective at any time to obtain it. 

2. It’s not being ‘problem-free’…you can be happy despite all the swirling and buzzing going on around you and within you…in fact, when you can come into an appreciation for the things that are going right and be happy despite the noise, it can help solve problems in your life. 

3. It takes work…happiness comes one thought at a time, one word at a time, one day at a time…it is important to learn how to defeat negative thoughts, combat pessimism, and turn those thoughts into positive ones…happy people deliberately choose positive thoughts, words and actions. 

While I probably won’t change my traditional New Year’s greeting, my real hope is that you will be able to maximize your state of internally focused happiness in 2023! I know that phrase doesn’t eloquently roll off the tongue, but it is my sincere thought for everyone I encounter…Happy New Year! 

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