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Gardant CEO Message – March 2022

March news from Gardant Management Solutions


From the Desk of the CEO 

Rod Burkett 


I keep thinking my next column will not reference anything about the COVID pandemic, but maybe next month, as I believe I finally have some positive news to share regarding our journey to put the impact of this corona-virus in our rear view mirror. In addition to seeing a significant decline in February of the spread of the omicron variant, I want to share the following data that was provided on a recent conference call coordinated by the American Health Care Association/ National Center for Assisted Living, the largest long term care trade association in our country. 

• A 65-year-old fully vaccinated woman who contracts COVID has a 1 in 872 chance of passing from the disease. A 65-year-old vaccinated man has a 1 in 434 chance. 

• A 75-year-old fully vaccinated woman who contracts COVID has a 1 in 264 chance of passing, and a 75-year-old vaccinated man has a 1 in 134 chance. 

• In the 2019 flu season, a 65-year-old had a 1 in 138 chance to die if they contracted the flu. 

• Considering these measurements, for the 65+ fully vaccinated population, COVID can be seen as a lower risk than the seasonal flu. 

Not only is this data another significant testimony to the high efficacy of the COVID vaccines, but it can also serve as a roadmap to the lifting of pandemic related restrictions and assist in our society’s return to normalcy. As this information is further analyzed by medical scientists and governmental officials, it will hopefully illustrate that as long as the senior population and medically high-risk population maintain high levels of vaccination, and as long as no variant evolves outside of the efficacy of the vaccine, then the severe lockdowns witnessed in 2020 will never be needed again. Let’s all pray and put ‘good vibes’ into the universe that such a scenario truly happens! 

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