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Gardant CEO Message – April 2022

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From the Desk of the CEO 

Rod Burkett 


Just when I felt my newsletter column this month would not revolve around COVID, I ended up testing COVID positive a few weeks ago. I started having some flu-like symptoms, and I ended up having a positive test on the second day after Illinois lifted the mask mandate. My symptoms seemed to resemble a bad case of the flu for 2- 3 days, and then my symptoms diminished each day thereafter, with a full recovery around day 10. 

I had been fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, including the booster. From everything I have read and researched, since I have had an apparent break-thru Omicron case, I should have now developed a fairly high level of antibodies that should provide me with significant protection for the near future. Having said that, I still will be at the front of the line if/when the CDC recommends a 4th vaccine dose for the 65+ population. 

Even though I spent the last 2 years adhering to all protective protocols and best practices, I’m not really surprised that I ended up with an Omicron case, since it is so contagious, and since I spent a few days in a part of the country that was experiencing a “high-level” of transmission. I am definitely grateful that I didn’t end up positive until after I had been fully vaccinated and ‘boostered’, and I am further thankful I didn’t progress beyond moderate symptoms. 

My mindset now is switching to “new beginnings”…..we are beginning to see that we are in the management phase of the pandemic. While COVID will still need to be monitored and responded to as a serious infectious respiratory disease, it should not create lockdowns and consume our focus like it did 2 years ago. We are also witnessing the return of chirping birds, more daylight, warmer temperatures, and green sprouts emerging from the ground as new beginnings. 

Happy Spring everyone….enjoy it as a new beginning! 

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