Greg Douglas

As the Vice President of Development and Advocacy, Greg develops frameworks that engage and ignite stakeholders to lead the way forward in the affordable care model. Development functions are comprised of elements to coach, mentor, and develop valued leaders within the portfolio while continuing to expand our footprint within the senior living industry. As a Vice President on the Board of Directors with IHCA and a Policy Committee member, Greg’s advocacy impact is intended to leverage the knowledge and real-world experiences within the communities and align them with strategic initiatives at the state and federal level. Greg holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and has leadership experience in both operations and marketing in and out of the senior care industry. His experiences along with his ability to strategically develop individualized approaches will allow him to provide optimal support to the Gardant portfolio both now and in the future.

Greg started with Gardant in 2019 and has held several leadership roles within the communities and Gardant Management. He was awarded the Bronze Quality Award in 2021 and Silver Quality Award in 2022 from AHCA/NCAL for his commitment to quality care. Greg began his Gallup Global Strengths Coaching Certification in 2023 and is committed to coaching leaders and their teams to achieve optimal outcomes.

Vice President of Development and Advocacy

Gardant Management Solutions has 20+ years of industry-acclaimed operational history in developing, managing and consulting for senior living, assisted living and memory care communities.