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Touching Lives

Viola and Olen’s Story: Unlikely Pair Shows Us Selfless Love

Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes when we least expect it.

Even from strangers.

Viola is…. Olen is 6’4″. He’s a shy 65-year-old Vietnam War veteran.

She didn’t notice their differences. She saw a man who had holes in his shoes.

What Viola did next showed us love in the purest form.

She somehow found out what size shoe Olen wears – a 13, and then she asked her Sunday school class to pitch in and buy him a new pair.

Without hesitation, they opened their wallets and collected enough money for the shoes.

No one in the group had met Olen before.

They didn’t know his story.

Instead, they saw a man in need and wanted to do what they could to help.

Sometimes, love is not dramatic or splendid.

Love is simply quiet and tender.

It’s here in everything we do at Cambridge House of Swansea.

Louise’s Story: Support From Strangers Makes Her Feel Like She’s Gone to Heaven

Louise could no longer stay in her apartment in town, so her pastor brought her to Cambridge House for a tour.

She loved it. But as many older adults, Louise had no family or nearby friends to help her move or take her to doctor appointments.

Through the efforts of Cambridge families and friends, Louise was able to complete her assessment process, get to the bank and pick a day to move in to her new home.

The movers arrived on Friday morning, but were unable to move Louise due to her living conditions. When the movers called Cambridge to let them know, the staff –  without hesitation – not only took the bus to pick Louise up to bring her to Cambridge House, but they scurried to locate donated furniture and items to “create” an apartment for her.

By the time Louise arrived with nothing but her purse, a change of clothing and her medicine, the staff had an apartment all ready for her. She thought she had gone to heaven.

Throughout the next week, Louise received all sorts of donations of clothing, towels, chairs, and necessities from staff, families and church friends. The outpouring of support was a true story of endless compassion.

Touching Lives

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