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Gardant CEO Message – September 2021

A few weeks ago, while beginning my work day at the office, a fellow employee came to my door and stated that the police were in our back parking lot questioning a man who had evidently weathered last night’s storm by hanging out under the bushes and the pavilion near our back door.  It turns out that he had been recently plagued with a series of inconsistent housing challenges and was in a transient mode and passing through our town. Click to read more.

Gardant CEO Message – August 2021

Maintaining self-discipline and resisting smaller rewards now in return for larger, more significant ones later, is a good path to take.  Many people in today’s world that are considered as successful have reached that level by strict delays in overall gratifications… but at what price? Click to read more.

Gardant CEO Message – July 2021

The pandemic caused us to pause and ask ourselves, what things or processes are no longer relevant, or no longer needed?  What things can be left behind, or what procedures can be minimized to leave room or time for more high value items or activities? Click to read more.

Gardant CEO Message – June 2021

We are very fortunate to have the intelligence of modern science and medicine that quickly created an effective antidote to this insidious disease.  We also applaud the former and current White House administrations for emphasizing the development and roll-out of the vaccine, along with the pharmaceutical companies that brought it to a reality. Click to read more.

Bardwell Residences of Aurora Coming Soon

Rick Banas, Vice President of Development and Positioning, discusses Bardwell Residences, a new senior living, assisted living and memory care community coming soon to Aurora, Illinois. Old Copley Hospital is being redeveloped into a brand new campus, including the Bardwell Residences component. The Senior Living portion is expected to open in late winter 2021, while the Assisted Living and Memory Care are expected to open in early 2022. Click to view a short video.