April 7

Assisted and Senior Living News – April 2022

News and information regarding nutrition guidelines for caretakers of older adults, TV’s coolest senior citizens, therapy for family caregivers and more!

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  • Hello I’m a 68 year old former cancer patient..my wife of 32 year’s took off when the doctor told us..we did get a divorce and that’s been 18 years ago.. have not seen her nor want to after that terrible pain..loved her more than life itself..I live in Anderson Indiana..I and her use to live in Indy many years ago..if this is not an income based Apts..than I don’t want to waste your time..I’m sure you good Folks are very busy and have better things to do than to waste in on me… God’s blessings be upon you for helping older people on a fixed income..Mr Ragle Anderson Indiana..

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