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April 20

National Drug Take-Back Day

Saturday, April 24, is a National Drug Take-Back Day. Locations will be available throughout the country for you to dispose of your unused or expired medications anonymously in a convenient, safe and responsible manner.

March 18

Coping with Change as We Grow Older

Big changes can come with aging. The changes can occur suddenly, or they can happen gradually over time. They can impact our body and our mind – sometimes one; sometimes both.

March 23

Do You Have a Financial Plan for Your Retirement Years?

Here is a question I had not thought of before in the planning I am doing for retirement. Do my wife, Valerie, and I have...

February 29

Heart Healthy Habits

Healthy Heart Tips

February 19

Should Retirement Be One’s Goal in Life?

Should Retirement Be One’s Goal in Life?

January 21

Important Advice for Caregivers: Don’t Try To Be A Super Hero

Caregiver Advice: Don't Try to Be a Superhero

January 12

Winter Safety Tips

Winter Safety Tips

December 3

Bathroom Redo: 8 Tips for Accommodating Aging-in-Place

Read this week's blog for tips to consider when remodeling a bathroom to help you or a loved one age in place.