June 29

The Dog Days of Summer and Older Adults

Gardant wants to remind you that high temperatures, especially when accompanied by high levels of humidity, should be of particular concern to older adults.

May 4

Advocating For All Ages

In regards to ageism, there is both good news and discouraging signs.

April 20

National Drug Take-Back Day

Saturday, April 24, is a National Drug Take-Back Day. Locations will be available throughout the country for you to dispose of your unused or expired medications anonymously in a convenient, safe and responsible manner.

March 18

Coping with Change as We Grow Older

Big changes can come with aging. The changes can occur suddenly, or they can happen gradually over time. They can impact our body and our mind – sometimes one; sometimes both.

June 28

Embracing Aging

Embracing Aging

August 3

Checking on Mom and Dad

Checking on Mom and Dad

January 14

Dick Van Dyke on Aging

Dick Van Dyke on Aging

December 10

Speaking Out About Affordable Assisted Living

Rick Banas, of Gardant Management Solutions, will discuss the Illinois Supportive Living Program during an upcoming forum on aging and disability issues.