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Heritage Woods of Ottawa Shining Star

Read all about our Shining Star!

This year for Heritage Woods of Ottawa’s Shining Star award, it was decided that the resident population would vote to decide who the recipient was. The winner is a CNA, Tammy Franzen. Tammy works on dayshift, full time. The residents described Tammy as a star employee, always willing to help residents as well as her fellow coworkers. Residents look forward to Tammy working on their hall, and they get upset sometimes when she has to move to a different one! Tammy volunteers to stay over and come in on her days off more than any other employee, by far. One resident described Tammy as being “more than an employee, Tammy is a friend, a supporter, a helper, and just a wonderful human being all around.” Heritage Woods is proud to have such a great worker on our staff list! 

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