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Gardant CEO Message – August 2022

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From the Desk of the CEO

Rod Burkett

Gardant Management Solutions was created 23 years ago with the mission of increasing accessibility and affordability in the assisted living industry, and we have dedicated ourselves to carrying out this mission at the local, state, and national levels over the past 2 decades. We have challenged ourselves to help lead the way in senior living in the affordable sector, and to maintain innovative and inclusive approaches in carrying out our mission.

While we have created a good start to this mission, much more needs to be accomplished. By the end of this decade the senior population that are in lower to moderate income groups will double. In addition, the segment of this population that don’t have home ownership or adult children that can help provide support will skyrocket. This scenario illustrates the growing need for more capacity in the affordable assisted living sector, but when you survey the current and planned supply of this service on a national basis, the resulting number is woefully short.

Recently, the American College of Physicians (ACP) has joined the effort to shine a light on this important issue. ACP has published a position paper that states, “that long-term services and support must be strengthened to ensure that individuals can maintain quality of life and financial stability as they age. The demand and cost for services and support is expected to increase considerably over the coming decades, but policymakers have struggled to develop ways to ensure this need is met. Further, more needs to be done to improve quality and better coordinate long-term services and support and medical care.”

Gardant welcomes the insight and focus provided by ACP’s position paper, and we hereby rededicate ourselves to our objective of influencing policymakers at the local/state/national levels, as we carryout our mission to serve both individual residents and the aging adult population as a whole.

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