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A Message from Gardant’s CEO – January 2022

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From the Desk of the CEO 

Rod Burkett 

I was reading a newspaper recently (electronic version, of course) and had to set it aside after just a few minutes, as it became too overwhelming. The first few articles I read were: 

1. Are the Omicron and Delta variants a sign of things to come? 

2. COVID-related death rate remains high in some areas. 

3. Potential fast rising sea levels due to global warming. 

4. Weather related deaths increasing over the years. 

5. Another mass shooting narrowly avoided. 

6. Interstate car shootings becoming a growing problem. 

I thought I would divert my attention to the “sports” section for some lighter reading. This is what I saw: 

1. NHL and NBA games postponed due to numerous COVID positive players in quarantine. 

2. Autopsy of former NFL player who murdered 6 people shows significant brain trauma. 

3. NFL player released from team after causing fatal drunk driving car crash. 

I just quit reading altogether. I paused for a bit, and focused on something that I have always relied on during my life… and that is that it is critical to have an optimistic mindset during challenging times! Besides providing numerous personal health benefits, a positive mindset can reduce stress and allow for forward momentum. Continuing to surround yourself with negativity won’t allow for a solution or remedy to arise. Negativity will just keep recycling more negativity. 

One psych trick that I have been taught is that a sense of being grateful can bring one out of negativity. I immediately felt grateful that my son had safely returned to his family from a recent overseas military deployment, my oldest grandson just got accepted into the honors program at his college of choice, and a tasty glass of wine paired extremely well with the homemade flatbread pizza my wife just lovingly pulled from the oven. 

I’ll bask in that gratefulness for awhile and be ready to tackle what another day brings. 

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