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Touching Lives

Designed with your comfort and ease of lifestyle in mind

At Heritage Woods, your affordable assisted lifestyle community in Dwight, Illinois, your new home awaits you


We Are So Grateful!

My husband and I were physically and emotionally exhausted when we arrived at Heritage Woods of Dwight. He was undergoing infusion treatments and in pain from 2 fractured vertebrae in his back. Our sons convinced us to come to Heritage Woods for the winter. My mother-in-law had lived here for several years while in her nineties and loved it. We’ve had a chance to recoup, and my husband was able to get help from the nursing staff and therapists, who will help anyone and everyone who needs help. We didn’t have time in our schedule to take advantage of all the great things Heritage Woods of Dwight has to offer, including all the wonderful activities, books to read and videos to watch, but we knew they were available if we wanted. We have met and made friends with many wonderful people and staff. How wonderful it was to come home from a day of treatments and be met with smiling faces and a meal fixed and served by someone else. We would recommend Heritage Woods of Dwight to anyone in need of a comfortable and friendly place to recuperate or live. We will certainly miss all our new friends and the loving staff when we go home. But we are so grateful for the services offered to us to make going home a reality for us.






                                                                         Keith & Joanne 3/26/24

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Doris’s Story: Feeling at Home

Doris has lived at Heritage Woods in Dwight for nearly a year.

Before moving to the States, she was born on the island of Guam. Being from Guam, she grew up speaking the Chamorro language fluently. “My parents spoke both English and Chamorro. Chamorro mostly when they didn’t want others to know what they were saying,” she giggled.

When asking Doris what brought her to Illinois, she boomed, “My husband of course! I worked in the Navy and followed him to Marseilles, IL.” Doris had her own home in Marseilles. She admitted, “My home was very big after my children and husband left. Much too big for just me.”

Doris’s daughter reached out to Heritage Woods due to her not being able to do daily things for herself any longer. “I did my laundry in the basement, but to get to the basement, you had to go up and down a winding staircase. I love exercise, but it began to be too much.”

One of the things that Doris loves most about Heritage Woods in Dwight is the services. She thinks it’s great that Heritage Woods takes care of things as simple as laundry for the residents. “The aids do all my laundry when I need it; they are very helpful. My laundry is always clean, and I don’t have to go up and down a winding staircase to get clean clothes any longer.”

It has really touched her life to be able to get services such as these and have more energy to walk around the facility, especially outside to enjoy the weather. “Heritage has such a beautiful back yard with a pond. I go outside every day. They also have a wonderful exercise program that I try to do when I can.”

Doris shared that being from Guam and knowing a different language fluently, that she has always been very shy and a “to herself” kind of person. While moving to Heritage Woods in Dwight, she assured, “They got me out of my bubble, and I made lots of acquaintances here.” She is comforted by the results that, once again, she is surrounded by friends and people who care for her. Not only physical needs, but her emotional and spiritual needs as well.

She ends with saying, “I feel at home here and have no complaints.” This is exactly what the staff of Heritage Woods in Dwight strives to achieve for all of the residents living in the facility.