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Message From Gardant CEO – March 2023




From the Desk of the CEO, Rod Burkett

Gardant Management Solutions was recently notified by the national firm “Great Place To Work Institute” and its senior care partner, “Activated Insights”, that the portfolio of assisted living communities managed by Gardant met their standards to be recognized as a ‘Great Place To Work’ in 2023.

Gardant utilizes Activated Insights as the electronic survey tool to request feedback from all of the community level employees on an annual basis. There are approximately 3,000 employees across the Gardant portfolio delivering compassionate care and enriching the lives of 6,000 residents on a daily basis. This highly valued national recognition is due to the dedicated efforts provided by all our staff and from the focus and direction provided by our leadership teams at each of our communities throughout the year, and it is indicative of their dedication to serving residents and committing to ongoing quality improvement.

The Great Place To Work certification process involved surveying employees last fall at our 58 senior living communities and evaluating more than 60 elements of team members’ on the job experiences. These elements included the employee’s level of pride in the organization’s community impact, belief that their work makes a difference, and feeling their work has special meaning. The survey questions delve into the employee’s perceptions on their feeling of respect, camaraderie, fairness, credibility, and pride.

The Great Place To Work survey process is the most widely taken employee engagement survey tool world-wide. Activated Insights, as its senior care affiliate, serves as a global authority on high-trust, high performance workplace cultures. Activated Insights assists its clients to create great workplaces that outpace peers on key business metrics, such as revenue growth, profitability and employee retention. Great Place To Work awardees experience a 20% higher response rate of applicants for open positions than non-awardee companies, and those designated as Great Places To Work have a much higher retention rate in the millennial age co-hort.

I am extremely proud of our portfolio’s recognition in the Great Place To Work program and am even prouder of how this positive work culture impacts the daily lives of our employees and residents.


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