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Message From Gardant CEO – November 2022




From the Desk of the CEO, Rod Burkett

With all the additional chaos and anxiety caused by the pandemic over the past couple of years, hopefully the 2022 Thanksgiving season will be back to normal. Many people have never thought of Thanksgiving as ‘normal’, but as a time to try and tolerate extended family members and work at keeping the family dysfunction to a minimum…hopefully, that’s not the case for you.

We would hope for everyone this Thanksgiving season that we can actually realize a potential silver lining brought on by the recent pandemic…and that is a new perspective on the many things we’ve been taking for granted all this time and being grateful for the simplest of things…coming together in the spirit of fellowship without the fear of making each other deathly ill…hugging each other instead of viewing our loved ones on a flat screen…and seeing laughing and smiling faces instead of being cloaked behind a facemask!

And while many are still struggling this Thanksgiving, we hope you can take a moment and practice some gratitude for all the opportunities and lessons this year has provided. There’s always something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, even if it’s just not being a turkey. May you enjoy the warmth of family this season and the harvest of the feast. Happy Thanksgiving!

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