April 30, 2020

As we continue to learn more about the COVID-19 outbreak and how quickly it can spread, we have taken a number of precautions to keep residents safe. Even with our best efforts, as we are all learning, this virus spreads quickly and is easily transmitted.

Our community now has one confirmed case of COVID-19 of an employee. There are no reported COVID 19 cases among residents, or among other staff members. We are following the direction of local and state health officials. In regards to testing, we are working closely with the guidelines from our Long Term Care Specialist at Kane County Health Department.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our residents and employees at this time. Because of HIPAA privacy and confidentiality regulations, we cannot release any information that would identify the employee in this confirmed case.   Our top priority is the residents of our community. We have been monitoring the situation very closely with federal, state and local authorities.

We have been and continue to be highly proactive in taking steps to help ensure the health and welfare of all residents and limiting possible exposure to COVID-19 or other viruses. This includes the implementation of enhanced infection control protocol and enhanced staff training. We are frequently cleaning and disinfecting items that are likely to be touched often, including all community areas, countertops, door handles, telephones and computer keyboards. We have also been proactive in assessing residents and screening all employees. Resident assessment measures include temperature readings and pulse oximeter readings three times a day.

Given the situation, we took steps over the past several weeks to limit visitors to our community and have altered our engagement program to allow as many one on one activities as possible. We have ensured that during resident engagement our residents are a minimum of six feet apart to practice social distancing. Following the directives of state and local governmental entities, we have secured the front doors to our community at all times. We are restricting visitors to only imminent end-of-life situations. In addition to the measures we’ve taken to practice social distancing in our community.

In caring for residents in a dementia care setting, we have also assisted residents with reminders on hand hygiene, hydration, and remaining in a particular area. Our engagement tools have also been replaced with items that can be individualized instead of shared when possible.

We are helping residents keep in touch with family members through phone calls, video chats, letters, and email messages.   We will continue to work closely with state and local officials, and follow their guidance and advice. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Alex Haughee, Administrator