CEO Message    April 2021

As we maneuvered through the first couple of months of 2021 and continued to develop ways to put COVID-19 in our rearview mirrors, Gardant developed a theme to guide us for the remainder of the year….”Moving Forward”.

Moving Forward is much more than simply moving on.  Moving Forward is a positive commitment to making things happen, and it is steeped in passion and intentionality.

Moving Forward is more than trying to recapture what once existed.  Moving Forward is positive momentum that is executed with an appreciation for what once was, while knowing that we can make things even better than before.

Moving Forward is…

  • valuing lessons learned from our experiences, no matter how painful the gift of learning may be,
  • understanding that we don’t truly control any of the external circumstances of our lives, but we can fully control what our attitudes are and our responses to the variables that enter our lives,
  • realizing that as humans, we have many similarities and differences, and that both should be nurtured,
  • appreciating that isolation is toxic to the human soul, and that we should stay connected in any way possible.

While Mother Earth is busy in her annual Moving Forward activity, with new life springing from the ground, so too, can we move forward with a rejuvenated zest for our mission, reemerging from the dark winter COVID impacted months. Moving Forward will provide personal vitality, and a confidence of being even better and wiser than before.

Join us in Moving Forward.