Last year, as the COVID pandemic was unfolding, our country was also witnessing in our city’s streets the pent-up responses to decades of racial injustices. As I absorbed the many formal and informal protests from near and far, it dawned on me that our company, Gardant Management Solutions, had not been intentional about developing and nurturing diversity. Whatever diversity we realized, had happened on its own.

Knowing that such status is wrong on so many different levels, we set out to remedy this situation. We created a “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” _Team, comprised of a broad-based representation of employees from both Gardant and the many assisted living communities that we manage. The creation of the Team was to serve as a catalyst in truly changing the way the company behaved when it comes to diversity and inclusion. This Team has been meeting regularly and has developed the following guiding statements:

Diversity Statement:

Intentionally co-creating a culture of belonging and equity

Philosophy Statement:

We have consciously created a culture that embodies the power of diversity, equity and inclusion in all practices and relationships. We recognize, in order to move forward, we need input from all, celebrating the differences each person brings.

We are extremely grateful to the uplifting work that this Team is producing, and we look forward to its continued growth and empowerment in making a difference!

Not only is DEI the right thing to do for each of us as human souls and for our society in general, but it also makes the most sense from the business perspective, too. No one has said it any better than one of this country’s most respected intellectual thinkers, Albert Einstein: “We must not only tolerate our differences, but welcome them as richness and diversity, which can lead to true intelligence.”