From the Desk of the CEO

Rod Burkett

I was recently asked if I saw anything positive coming from COVID-19.  My initial reply was no, there was no positive direct impact from the disease itself, but there were some positive benefits from how the pandemic made us think and behave differently than what we were used to.

The implementation of various safety precautions and restrictions resulting from the pandemic sparked the question, “why do I/we carry out the various routines and procedures in our daily work and personal lives?”  Are these numerous things that take so much of our time and energy truly important, or are they more of a habit that we follow, whether they provide a decent payoff or not?

The pandemic caused us to pause and ask ourselves, what things or processes are no longer relevant, or no longer needed?  What things can be left behind, or what procedures can be minimized to leave room or time for more high value items or activities?

Therefore, the pandemic can be seen as providing all of us with a gift…while being somewhat isolated, it was the gift of pausing, reflecting, and thinking differently.   Because of this mind shift, what things did we realize that can be left behind, freeing us up to focus on the more important things in our work and personal lives.  Did the pandemic create a mind shift in you?… one in which old ways that didn’t serve you well were traded for impactful new ways?