Lacey Creek sponsored a Christmas tree at the Brookfield Zoo last year, and residents and staff had such a wonderful time preparing ornaments and trimming the tree that we decided to make this an annual tradition.

Sponsoring a tree is a really fun and unique way to support the zoo. Each tree trim package includes a tree that’s already strung with lights, a sign that says who sponsored it, 20 passes to the zoo for tree trim days, and 5 parking passes. Because the date to trim the trees at the zoo is always in November, it gives us an excuse to get into the Christmas spirit early!

Residents worked hard on creating a variety of homemade ornaments to adorn our tree. The zoo provides guidelines on what kind of materials to use in ornament making, keeping in mind the health and safety of the animals. They don’t allow ornaments that are breakable, ornaments made from any kind of food, or ornaments that won’t stand up in the elements, since the ornaments will stay on the trees until January!

On the morning of our trip to the zoo, we packed up all the ornaments, garland and a big bow for the top of the tree and got onto the bus. Lacey Creek staff members Rhonda, Lauren and Rosie went to the zoo, along with several residents, Rhonda’s son and Lauren’s husband. Trimming our tree was a bit quicker this year with so many helpers, and it took us around 25 minutes to finish the tree. Rhonda and her son brought cookies and hot cocoa, and Rosie brought fresh Krispy Kreme donuts to enjoy after we finished.

Residents spotted a couple of neat looking ornaments on neighboring trees that we’d like to make for next year’s tree.

If you go to Brookfield Zoo this holiday season, be sure to look for the Lacey Creek tree! It’s Tree #6 near the South Gate.