Darlene Ward is one of Lacey Creek’s wonderful volunteers.

She has been volunteering at our community for the past five months. Every other week, there are a few ladies lined up and waiting for her when she gets here to file and polish their nails.

When Darlene was sick and battling cancer, she appreciated how well she was treated by other people, and how they would help with anything she needed. She decided that when she got better, she would begin volunteering because she wanted to make other people feel good.

Darlene has a friend whose mom lives at Lacey Creek, and she came along to visit her one day and loved our community. She decided she wanted to begin volunteering here, and contacted our Resident Services Coordinator.

Before volunteering, Darlene was a dietary manager at a retirement center for almost 30 years. She lives nearby in Downers Grove, enjoys crafts and just loves to be with people. She chose to do pamper residents as her way of giving back because it’s something she is pretty good at it. Plus, she loves when her nails are done and thought that would be a special experience to share with our community.