Saturday, May 19th was the date of Prince Harry’s royal wedding. It turns out this is a popular wedding date as we had not just one but two staff members tie the knot that day!

Our Maintenance Director Blake Clark and Shavonne Watts, a CNA, are part of our Lacey Creek family, and we wanted to do something special for the employees. We decided to throw them a royal wedding-themed shower.

We sent out flyers to residents, letting them know that Blake and Shavonne were getting married (not to each other!) in May. The fact that they were getting married on the same day did cause some funny confusion. Some people assumed they were marrying each other.

Everyone was invited to the bridal shower.

We asked residents to give us words of advice for a happy marriage and share their favorite recipes. Our Resident Services Coordinator, Lauren Krokson, took the submissions and made them into two beautiful scrapbooks that were given to Blake and Shavonne during the shower. We ate cake and drank hot tea while Blake and Shavonne both talked about how they met their soon-to-be spouses, and their wedding and honeymoon plans.

Congratulations, Blake and Shavonne! Best wishes!