Lacey Creek has several fantastic resident volunteers who run a variety of activities and events right here at home.

Kathy Payne loves to craft and loves to help people, so she leads decoupage classes every month. Kathy helps other residents decorate empty cigar boxes for gifts for friends and families. She supplies magazines and catalogs for residents to cut pictures from and helps them copy pictures of their families to use on the boxes as well. Kathy also has a cabinet in the Activity Room with all sorts of ribbons, flowers, buttons, and little decorative bits that residents use to add to their boxes. In between decoupage classes, Kathy can often be found in the Activity Room, working one-on-one with residents to help them create a box for special occasions. Kathy also calls bingo from time to time!

Art Nelson is our Country Store’s “manager”. Twice a week, he is the shopkeeper, helping residents find items on the shelves, taking their money and bagging their purchases. Our Country Store is extremely popular, and there is often a line of residents waiting to see what’s new and to pick up a few items. Art writes down any requests he hears for products and passes them on to our Resident Services Coordinator. Residents have really gotten to know Art this way and some come to the store just to chat with him.

Bernice Coduto and Dorothy Nelson are willing to help with any and everything. They are Lacey Creek’s unofficial greeters, sitting in the main lobby near the entrance, and they meet everyone who comes by with a smile. They set up the bingo cards and chips every week for our bingo game, and Bernice hands out the prizes when someone gets a bingo. Dorothy and Bernice also team up to deliver our monthly newsletter, movie listings and calendars to every apartment.

Lina Harmon has taught several residents to play one of her favorite games, Mahjong. She has her own personal set of Mahjong tiles and sets up a table for them to play, using a beautiful tablecloth. Lina also leads Rosary on Sundays. She is active in volunteerism outside of Lacey Creek as well, volunteering weekly at her church’s food pantry since it began in 1982 — 37 years ago!

Ian Imrie and his wife, Sue, are Lacey Creek’s longest serving volunteers, as Ian started leading trivia several weeks after Lacey Creek first opened in late 2016. Sue helps by inviting new residents to trivia, and arranges the tables and chairs before and after trivia sessions. Every Saturday, residents gather in the Club Room, and Ian reads a variety of trivia questions, which the residents answer, if they can. The questions often lead to discussions, and sometimes, Ian brings jokes to read as well. Residents really look forward to this activity and learning new things every week!

We are so thankful for all our wonderful resident volunteers!