Nothing makes the staff or the residents at our community happier than to see someone who moves in and really gains a sense of independence and further purpose.

Marty Jones moved into Lacey Creek on April 10th, 2017.  I remember the day vividly as we anxiously awaited the final screening letter to let us know that Marty would be a good fit for our community. Once we received the good news, we made the call that the move was good to happen that day.

You see, Marty was born with cerebral palsy.  He had lived with his mother his entire life, while also consistently going in and out of hospitals and skilled nursing centers. Marty’s brother didn’t think that skilled nursing was the best option and felt that Marty was able to take control of his life’s next adventure. Our nursing director agreed. She said he was one of the most well-educated and remarkable men she’d ever met and felt we were just the right spot for him.

Marty has lived with struggles his whole life and had a nurturing family to help him through, but didn’t ever let that stop him from moving forward.  He graduated from Elmhurst College, has been on many trips with family and worked to do everything everyone else around him did. That included coming to our community with wings wide spread.

Over the last few years, Marty has been able to achieve the independence he’s always wanted. His popularity with everyone at our community is immense, and he really has a heart to make everyone feel welcome. As a matter of fact, he told us that the best thing that has happened to him here is meeting different people and making friends, including a girlfriend (the first one he’s ever had).

He often acts on behalf of other residents, typing up letters for them and helping them with concerns or questions they want to bring forward.  During the summer, you can spot Marty cruising the neighborhood on his bike. And most recently, you can catch him as our sports commentator for the Wii bowling team. The team made him an honorary member for cheering them onto victory every week while they practice.

Marty often says that things are different here than when he lived at home with his mom. He was able to do things in the immediate area of his home, but really didn’t have the full daily independence he has here. He’s gotten a chance to be with more people and have new experiences.

Out of all these things though, we were really able to take to heart what our community provided for Marty last winter.  Marty’s mom used to come and visit, and Marty would visit her as well. She even had her choir group perform at the community.  However, about a month after seeing her group and celebrating the holidays with her, Marty’s mom passed away.  Marty was a stronger individual than we could have ever even imagined because of his family support and the immense support of friends and staff at our community. Marty’s brother shared that one of his biggest fears was having Marty find his mother in that state, if he still lived at home.  He was so relieved that that did not happen and to know Marty had an army of people to help him through that difficult chapter of his life.

Marty’s story earned the 2019 Enriching Lives Award from our management company: Gardant Management Solutions.