It has been noted that there is not one generation that has ever gone through what we are currently going through as a nation with the coronavirus pandemic. Many of our seniors have lived through war or the Great Depression, but they have always known what or who the enemy was or when it was possibly coming. This is not the case with how we now live our day to day lives.

These unprecedented times have given us, as a society, an upheaval in how we are used to living our day to day lives. The idea of having to social distance, potentially not hug one of our loved ones or only communicate via an electronic device has left everyone longing for more… including knowing what to do that is right. The ongoing question is what do we do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe?

This question is at the forefront of the minds of anyone in a healthcare community. What do we do to keep ourselves, our residents and their families safe? When are we going too far with restrictions or adaptations of day to day living? How is what we’re doing impacting the lives of those around us? We struggle due to our human nature, but we are really using our abilities to only control what it is that we can.

Most recently, Lacey Creek received the following feedback from a family member. These words are resounding for our care team because we know that residents self-isolating in their apartments, canceling communal meals and activities are helping save lives.  We see that the transparency with residents and families with the “why” and “how” of what we’re doing is making an impact. We are happy to see that families and residents know we are keeping everyone’s best interest at hand and are working to provide an environment, albeit tough, that is keeping everyone safe and well.

One family member states, “I will admit, at first, I thought the measures taken were too extreme. My mother was restricted from going outside or being with her family. Meanwhile, a friend who has a parent in another assisted living facility was able to visit and walk outside with her parent. My mother was having meals in her room while my friend’s parent was still eating in a dining room…However, with forward thinking and quick response to this pandemic, along with the guidance of the Dupage County Health Department and Gardant Management, Lacey Creek is now one of the supportive homes that has NOT had any resident COVID-19 cases or deaths. Unfortunately, my friend was not so lucky; the assisted living facility her parent is in has had many cases of COVID-19 among their own residents (and even deaths).“

On a day to day, even though we are not completing our “normal,” we are administering care to each individual specific to his or her own care plan. We are helping residents keep in touch with family members through phone calls, video chats, letters and email messages. And, we will continue to work closely with federal, state and local officials, and follow their guidance and advice.

We all, residents, staff and families alike, look forward to the days when we are physically closer together. But we know, this has brought us closer together in spirit than ever before.