Residents at Lacey Creek have been working on beautifying our outdoor spaces over the last couple of months. We have had several activities for residents to participate in various aspects of this project, beginning with a planning session where residents gave input on everything from different craft project ideas they wanted to work on to what types of flowers would be best for which areas outside.

After the planning phase, we began the projects. Last year, we stenciled several cinder blocks and arranged them to make a multi-tiered planter to go on our sky deck on the second floor. A few of the cinder blocks needed repainting for this year, so we set to work stenciling new patterns on them. Residents also painted several large clay pots and saucers to look like mushrooms to add to one of the flower beds out in the front of our building.

When everything was painted and sealed, our cinder block planter was reassembled, and our big wooden planters were brought out from storage, we were ready to move on to the planting stage. Residents worked over a couple of days to plant a variety of lovely flowers including geraniums, marigolds, hibiscus, petunias, begonias, zinnias, and more.

You can see the efforts of our hard work all over the outside of our building, in the gazebo, on the patio and the sky deck, and in front of the main entrance.