John Evans Supportive Living is excited to announce that we have rolled out our new It’s Never 2 Late (iN2L) program! iN2L is a touch screen computer system that creates fun and meaningful experiences for your loved ones. It can be used for activities, games, therapy, reminiscing, music, virtual travel, 1:1 interaction, staff education, and more.

Here, residents will have access to the 23inch mobile flex, tablet, flight simulator, driving wheel, and bike. Residents can create a profile to save their favorite activities, personal photos, contacts, and videos under one button.

One of the features of the iN2L system is that it provides an opportunity for our residents to stay connected with their family and friends. We look forward to being able to get everyone familiar with the Family Portal! Using iN2L’s senior‐friendly video call feature, residents can visit with family and friends with a press of a button. With the Family Portal, families and friends can upload videos and photos remotely from home, and the resident can view them whenever they want on their My Page.

We look forward to our residents using this technology to stay connected and have fun as well!