We have had several changes take place in the last month or so. On June 8, we started small group activities in the dining room. We are currently allowing one person per table. The residents are excited to finally be out socializing.

We are following guidelines with social distancing and wearing face masks.

On July 14th, we began serving meals in the dining room.

A strategic schedule was put into place that allows for each resident to enjoy one meal out of their room per day. We can currently serve 26 residents safely in two shifts per mealtime. All other residents not scheduled during a meal will still receive their meals in their room. This schedule will rotate so they can enjoy other mealtimes out of their apartment.

Family visitation stations have been in place since July 22nd. We are so happy to see the many families schedule a time to see their loved one. If you want to visit, we ask that you call 309-477-8800 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a time and answer the pre-screening health questions. Once you arrive, you should check in at the front door for a temperature check and another wellness screen.

There are several guidelines in place to keep everyone safe and we ask that you read through the guidelines that are posted at each visitation station.

Residents are also walking in the halls and outside during their scheduled time. A schedule was created to keep residents safe and hallways clear for them during their walk time.

Other phases we are waiting for in the “Reclaiming Our Home” initiative is the beautician, shuttle service and inside family visits. This is a long process. We ask that everyone be patient and adhere to our guidelines as we continue to keep your loved one safe.