Residents & staff at John Evans recently received their fist COVID-19 vaccine. John Evans partnered with Walgreens to administer the vaccine to residents and staff on January 19th.

It was such an exciting day to finally make some progress towards getting back to normalcy. A celebration of the big day was put on with a superhero theme! Residents had their pictures taken with a picture frame depicting the words that superheroes use such as BANG, POW ZAP! All had a good time getting their pictures taken and receiving certificates for participating in such a monumental event. The theme used was “Kicking COVID Goodbye.”

Residents also expressed their reason for getting the vaccine. Some of the responses were, “Because it’s the right thing to do”, “I want to hug my kids” and “So I don’t get sick.” We can not thank everyone for agreeing to get the vaccine! We cannot fight this battle without each and every one of you.

The 2nd dose will be administered to staff and residents on February 9th.