This year’s Shining Star Award goes to someone who to all of us is really shining. She originally started out in the kitchen as a cook in 2014.  She always worked well with others – not only in her department, but across our community, and was always willing to lend a helping hand to all. She kept her budget and staff hours right on point and went above and beyond of what was asked of her.

In July, the Business Office Manager position opened up, and as soon as it was posted, she applied for the position. She was very excited to see if this was a job she could do well. She went through the interview process and was pretty confident that she did well.

After her first 30 days in her new role, we were impressed with her, how she handled accounts and reached out for help, when needed. Her attitude was positive and nothing was going to slow her down.

Recently, when our regional director of operations visited our community, she said they would offer her the full-time position as our Business Office Manager. Most days, we cannot get the smile off of her face in her new position.

The residents and family members are very excited to have her in this role. They all know her, and she works well with them.

Our Shining Star for this year is TERIKA WEINER, Business Office Manager

We have chosen her because she is such a Great TEAM Player and shows love and compassion and dignity every day when she comes to work!