While the dog days of summer wind down, things are just heating up for us here at Heritage Woods of South Elgin. From taking inspiration from the summer heat to paint a cacti landscape, to taking advantage of the weather to work on our gardening and harvest skills, to activities that were just out of this world! We had plenty to do!

We enjoyed a “Paint and Pour” class where we worked with watercolors to paint brightly colored cacti, all while being in a nice, air-conditioned room. We even got to take home, to our rooms, a small bottle of a summer wine of our choice to enjoy while we take in our newly painted landscape masterpiece.

And when we weren’t painting a colorful summer landscape, we were safely enjoying it while we did some gardening! The late afternoon seems to be the perfect time to enjoy the bounty of our harvest as we pose with our sunflower stalks – already over six feet tall! – as well as sampling some of our vegetables and fruits; our cucumbers and strawberries are really coming in strong this year!

If we didn’t have an independent or safe socially distanced activity to keep us busy, we were definitely able to find one! Did you know that July 2nd is World UFO Day? World UFO Day is celebrated by UFO and extra-terrestrial enthusiasts to commemorate the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash, helping to further the mystery of Area 51. While we didn’t have to look to the skies to keep our eyes peeled for UFO’s, it was certainly fun making our own!

With all the down to earth and out of this world activities we had in July, it is going to be very interesting to see what August and September have in store for us. While we continue to adjust to our “new normal”, we are always sure that there will be plenty to do to keep us active physically, mentally, and socially.