It was definitely time for an update, so we decided to replace the wrought-iron patio furniture with an all-weather Trek set.

We realize that the front porch is more than just a concrete slab. It’s a gathering place that acts as an extension of our home’s lobby. It’s an inviting place for a morning paper, a place to meet old friends or new neighbors and observe and talk with frequent visitors such as the mailman and delivery drivers that come and go throughout the day. Our front patio is a wonderful place to interact with others while getting some fresh air.

The new furniture is more comfortable, and since we upgraded, more and more residents are taking advantage of using it.

In addition to the furniture in the front, we also replaced the the back patio furniture and added two umbrellas to provide some shade.

To make the back patio more accessible, we added an automatic door that opens with the push of a button and allows residents to safely come and go out of our community as they please – even when using a walker or wheelchair.

We are not only pleased with all the upgrades, but our residents are as well.

Next time you stop in, be sure to visit our patio. You may make a friend or two!