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News from the Woods – February 2023

This month we will be celebrating Valentines Day with a Craft. We will also be making masks for Fat Tuesday along with a theme meal.
Our New and exciting activities this month will be the Ymca Men’s Retired Chorus. The price is right game and we will be having a volunteer to do stitching and crocheting twice a month with our residents on Sundays. Its going to be a fun month with lots of new activities and games!

News from the Woods – November 2022

This months newsletter will feature all of our new activities for the month of November. We also have a brief note from the administrator thanking everyone for their participation in our 15-year anniversary. I am including a few pictures of our 15-year anniversary with and with out residents. The newsletter will also contain new residents and a notice that we are seeking a new resident council president and secretary.