Residents at Heritage Woods of Ottawa love using our Country Store.

Everything from laundry detergent to personal hygiene products, sweets and more is sold there.

Recently, we started stocking fresh fruit in our store, and it’s flying off the shelves! Residents have said that it’s nice to have this new healthier option, and the fresh peaches and cherries have been delicious.

Requests for new items at our country store are always appreciated.

Resident Ambassador and Country Store Volunteer Shirley Martin works hard to help residents navigate the store and find items. She takes resident shopping orders, checks out customers and bags their items. We depend on our volunteers to keep the store running smoothly, and Shirley always goes above and beyond to help keep our customers happy.

Besides using the Country Store, Heritage Woods of Ottawa also offers an option where our team takes care of all the shopping. This involves a very simple process where residents fill out a form to let us know what items they need.

Each week, I go out to purchase these items for residents and deliver them to their apartments. Residents sign off on the receipts for the purchased items, and then the total is added to their monthly bills. This is a convenient, safe process for residents to be able to get the items they need when they are unable to go out and buy these items themselves.

Heritage Woods of Ottawa appreciates our residents and understands that everyone has unique shopping needs. We strive to fulfill these needs and always welcome new ideas or requests that can improve the experience here at Heritage Woods of Ottawa.