by Robin Kakara 

Residents are enjoying many different activities these days at Heritage Woods of Ottawa including crafting, group games, communal dining, outings, and more. Recently residents attended a Starved Rock State Park & Buffalo Rock State Park Shuttle Tour. This outing was a huge hit! We are so lucky to live so close to such amazing scenery. Residents were excited to learn the history of Starved Rock and also loved seeing Buffalo Rock’s three most popular inhabitants, the three buffalo who currently reside there. 

Residents are happy to be getting out and about again. We have multiple outings planned for July which include Illini State Park, Allen Park, and more. Outings and day trips enhance the psychological and physical well-being of residents, provide continuity with the past, and offer the opportunity to connect with the people and places of the surrounding area-all undoubtedly crucial to leading a healthy, active, and fulfilling lifestyle in later years. Residents find that when they attend these outings we often visit places that the resident once took their own families in the past. This brings up happy memories for these residents which in turn can bring a smile to a face that might not smile that often. 

By supporting residents to participate in pleasure outings, it will help them maintain an active body and mind, as well as provides support and opportunities to engage with other people every day. These activities can make residents feel loved, safe, and included. This is what we are about at Heritage Woods of Ottawa!