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Gardant CEO Message – September 2022

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From the Desk of the CEO

Rod Burkett

I’m old enough now to have my oldest grandson starting college in mid-August.  This brings to mind the old adage of wishing to be as knowledgeable as you are now, but desiring to transport yourself back to those college age years.  No matter how appealing that sounds, I don’t think any of us would really want to have such an experience.

Whether you are 8 years old, or 18, or 80, we always want to hang with our friends and interact with our peers.  While there’s benefits for all in mixing in intergenerational gatherings, we seem to have a natural desire to engage with our own age cohort, and to learn and grow with people that are representative of our specific age group.  People of similar ages seem to have a wealth of like experiences that serves as a foundation for further discussion and deeper connections.

I’ll let his parents give him the traditional “be smart-careful-safe” lecture that we all seem to receive when we leave the nest, while I’ll take a shot at sharing some sage grandfatherly advice (assuming I have some).  Such as, “Yes, follow your parent’s advice and study hard, but there’s just as much to learn outside the classroom as in.  Be wide-open to learning and appreciating both the similarities and differences that you witness in people and their different backgrounds and personalities.  As long as you are in a learning and growing mindset, your mistakes will be smaller and easier to recover from….and be ready next weekend, your old “Pa” will swing by to take you to a baseball game, and you can share what you’re experiencing…..and maybe I’ll learn something from you!”   

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