The Back Water Gamblers Ski Team kicked off their last performance of the year, and Heritage Woods of Moline residents were able to share in the end-of-season entertainment held in Rock Island.

This season was unlike others due to the unforeseeable amounts of rain and devastating flooding the area had encountered. Luckily, the Back Water Gamblers team was able to continue the tradition of providing family fun for the local community.

Heritage Woods residents enjoyed the action as the ski team performed flips, pyramids and jumps that had the whole crowed roaring.

Their water ski show started in 1980 with just 14 members. The name was chosen as because they gambled with their lives by water skiing on the backwaters of the Mississippi River.

Now skiing on the serene Rock River, the team has grown to over 150 member and has consistently been among the top five show ski teams every year at the National Water Ski Show Tournament.

Be sure not to check out this free show for the Quad Cities area as they return next spring. If you do make it to the show,be on the lookout for the residents of Heritage Woods of Moline because we are not planning to miss any of the fun!