Heritage Woods of Moline residents got into their community bus, anxiously waiting to learn where they were going for their mystery ride.

Soon, they discovered they were headed on an adventure to explore the Warner Castle that is located in what is now Orion, Ill.

Back when the Warner Castle was built in 1851, the town of Orion was known as Warner, Illinois. Wilder W. Warner, a wealthy farmer, politician and business owner who had a passion for castles, owned Warner Castle. He had toured Europe to come up with ideas for a scaled-down version for his personal residence.

The stone used on the home was carved from a quarry in Cleveland, Ill. and transported to the site via horse and wagon. The same stone was used on the Rock Island Court House.

The Warner family moved in on Dec. 5, 1895. The final cost for the castle was $80,000 – a fortune during that time. This castle features 17 rooms, seven bedrooms, two living rooms, a library, dining room and kitchen. The fireplaces were carved from Italian marble.

Mr. Warner died four years after he and his family moved into their castle. This home was passed down to his son who lived there until 1947. It is recognized in the area as a local haunted castle. If you are looking for an upcoming spot to visit as Halloween approaches, be sure to check out this castle.