Nothing brings us more pride than celebrating our veterans at Heritage Woods of Moline.

To thank them for their service, we hosted a breakfast.

That day, Heritage Woods veterans enjoyed fresh doughnuts, assorted mini cheesecakes and free giveaway items.

Thank you for your courage and service!

Heritage Woods of Moline resident Richard Phillips shared that Veterans Day has a special meaning to him. He said that honoring those who have served this country means a lot to him. Many other residents joined him to gather and share personal stories as well as what this holiday symbolizes to them. Conversations of freedom, camaraderie and pride filled the room and brought a sense of unity throughout the community.

Several Heritage Woods veterans were anxiously anticipating future veteran socials throughout the year. A special bond grows stronger among those who have served our country, especially when they have a chance to gather and share their stories.  This was evident by their interactions and friendships that were strengthened after attending last month’s Veterans Day festivities.