Heritage Woods of Minooka invited local first responders for lunch to show our appreciation for all their hard work and dedication to keeping us safe.

Many residents worked hard to make this day special. They made cards and candy treat bags in the days leading up to the event, and we sent out invitations to Minooka and Channahon first responders.

While first responders are always busy, the Minooka fire, police and EMS teams were able to stop by and enjoy lunch. There wasn’t an empty seat in the dining room. We enjoyed chatting and getting to know our local first responders. It was such an honor be able to spend time and get to know the ones who make our lives a little safer.

Near the end of the event, Channahon workers called to let us know they weren’t able to make it for the lunch. The residents and staff at Heritage Woods still wanted to do something special for them, so we loaded up the bus and brought lunch to them.

This event was special for everyone who helped put it together and the first responders who attended. We had one member of the Minooka Police Department tell us, “We sometimes forget that people actually do like the police, and this is a very thankful generation.  We are thankful that they appreciate all we do.”