Veterans Day was a full day of celebration for the veterans at Heritage Woods of Minooka.

Longtime volunteers and faithful members of Mission Bible Church, Pastor Dave and Ruthie Jankowski, provided an intimate special ceremony during Piano Melodies for all those who have sacrificed themselves while serving for our country. They asked that we create a personalized invitation for our veterans to come join them for this special event.

As veterans entered the event, attendees thanked them for their service.

Roy Wahl, who proudly served our country in the Army and is a resident of our community, was asked to take a moment to say a few words.

“Thank you to all the veterans for the sacrifices, bravery and example that you all have made for us,” began Roy.

He also spoke about what a hero is and how many veterans believe it was their job and duty to serve the country. All veterans, he said, should feel as if they are heroes.

The event continued with homemade muffins baked by Ruthie that everyone enjoyed while listening to patriotic melodies of This Land is My Land, God Bless America and more.

Dana Freund, the Resident Services Coordinator at Heritage Woods, captured parts of the ceremony on video, and we posted it to our Facebook page.  What a great tribute it was to all of the veterans in our community and to those who are still serving today!

We also had a “Table of Honor” set up to recognize all the veterans in our community. This was displayed in our lobby for all residents and visitors who attended our Veterans Day celebration with Eddie Korosa later that afternoon. That celebration ended with Eddie preforming each division’s song, and having each veteran stand while their division song was played.

This was truly a day of celebration, and we were honored to show our appreciation to the men and women who have done so much to serve our country. Thank you for all you have done. We appreciate your sacrifices for our freedom.