Once a month, we receive a box from Universal Yums that has a sampling of foods and snacks from another country.

Our residents eagerly gather in the dining room to find out what country we are going to visit when we open the box.

In May, we visited Israel and sampled wheat spirals in a variety of flavors, a chocolate bar with popping candies and many other treats. Next, we visited South Korea and tried a snack similar to a marshmallow pie and another similar to Starburst candies.  We visited Columbia last month and tasted a variety of snacks, including mayonnaise-flavored chips, along with a coconut cream filled candy bar.

Each time we visit a different country, we also learn some fun trivia about that country. Did you know, for example, that in Columbia, it’s common to drink hot chocolate with cheese in it? We didn’t!

We won’t know until August 14th what country we will visit next month, but the clue is “The Emerald of the Equator”. Any guesses?