Once again, I thought I would be writing my first column in over a year without having to reference anything COVID related, but not just yet. Since all our communities have finished their 3rd on-site COVID vaccination clinics in late March or early April, I felt it would be good to share the overall results in our population of approximately 5,000 residents and approximately 3,000 staff members. For further framework, our portfolio of communities is considered very diverse, with a mixture of urban, suburban, and rural properties.

For residents, we have reached a fantastic average level of 90.3%, which is providing a great level of protection for our resident population, and this level will also go a long way to help ensure that we can now lift as many of the COVID related restrictions that state and local health officials will allow. We have seen a few properties reach a 98% resident immunization level, and the lowest vaccination level we see in a community’s resident population is 59%.

Similar to what we have seen in a recent national survey of assisted living employees, the vaccination levels amongst our staff have not reached the same threshold as our resident population. On average, the staff vaccination level is 49%. While one community’s employee level reached a high of 83%, the lowest employee level in our portfolio was 12%.

I want to thank everyone who has made the effort to become fully vaccinated, and I continue to respectfully encourage all who are not vaccinated yet to take advantage of our recurring on-site opportunities to do so. I whole heartedly believe it is the best way to protect your own health, as well as the well-being of all of those that live and work around you. Let’s all move forward together in peace and safety.