Pearl Young turned 100 years old this month.  We are so proud and honored to have her as one of our longtime residents.  Pearl moved in to Heritage Woods in July of 2007 when she was a mere 88 years old.  She has always participated in activities and events.  She loves exercise, and while she isn’t a regular anymore, she does stop by to participate once in a while.  She attends church service in the building on Sundays, enjoys listening to the musical entertainment and sometimes going on bus trips for ice cream.

During her time here, she has made several friends.  Her closest is Mary Lou.  Mary Lou came to Heritage Woods in 2011, and they became instant friends.  Every day before lunch and dinner, the two occupy the same two chairs in the upstairs lobby to visit and share stories.  Often other residents will stop to join in on the chatter and laughter.

Always a faithful Baptist lady, Pearl rarely misses a church service.  She had spent many years at her home church playing the piano.  Even though she could no longer play, she loved seeing the piano sitting in the lounge during church services at Heritage Woods. However, in 2014 she spent a month out of the building for rehab.  During that time, we did a bit of remodeling in the lounge and moved the piano out of the room. When Pearl returned ,she told us the lounge didn’t have much of a church feel without the piano. It didn’t take long for family and staff to come up with an idea. Pearl’s son is a carpenter (taught by his dad). He took some lumber saved from his childhood home and made a cross that now hangs in the lounge for church on Sunday.

In 2018, we held a King and Queen Grandparent Contest on Facebook, which Pearl won.  It was a close race with her grandchildren, and Elizabeth’s grandchildren sharing the Facebook posts and calling on friends and family to vote their grandmother queen. In the end, Pearl won with a midnight vote of 505 likes to Elizabeth’s 495.  Both are very loving and deserving grandmas.

Pearl’s story is indeed special.  We treasure her dearly.  She represents the hundreds of stories we could tell about residents who have touched our lives here.  Some for a few months; some for several years.  All very special with their own stories to tell.

When asked about her 12-year stay and what she thought memorable about Heritage Woods, Pearl responded in her very direct way, saying “It is a very pleasant place to live.  A very pleasant home.”

We love you, Pearl.