No after Christmas let down here!  The beat goes on . . . The party continues . . .

Residents enjoyed an evening of celebration for New Year’s Eve with snacks, party hats, noisemakers and bingo. They really enjoy their bingo. Starting this year, residents are leading their own Saturday bingo games to keep the good times rolling.

Residents are also getting excited about the upcoming state wide trivia and Wii bowling competitions hosted by the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition.  Teams are being developed, and practices are being scheduled. We definitely want to keep our minds and bodies in shape.

In keeping our bodies in shape, residents will be exercising five days each week instead of three. They say their exercise class is not only fun, but keeps them feeling good. They miss it on off days and begin to feel stiff, so exercise it is.

We’re keeping the good times rolling with a delicious soup bar at lunch time in January. Three kinds of soup, sides, and toppings. Yum! We’re having a Popcorn Bar in January and February.  Hot, fresh popcorn and all the yummy toppings you can imagine.  We’re even going to try our hand at making kettle corn. Then, we’ll wash it all down with some refreshing soda pop.

And don’t forget “Hoodie Hoo” Day.  We are going out on the front parking lot at noon on Hoodie Hoo Day to chase away winter.  Come shout “hoodie hoo” with us and enjoy an early spring. Yes, “Hoodie Hoo Day” is a recognized holiday.  Look it up.

If all or any of this sounds fun to you and you’d like to “Let the Good Times Roll” with us, check out our current activity calendar and stop by.  We’d love to see you!